Prof X Played Krakoa All Wrong

So I walk into the dining area and see that the Preschooler has lined up his Lego Imperials out on the table, and is lording over them with Iron Man and Hulk. I ask him what’s going on, and he says Professor X had Iron Man and Hulk deliver a batch of evil mutants to Krakoa, for imprisonment. I patted his head condescendingly and went into the kitchen for a Mexican Coke.

But it does beg a question, doesn’t it?

Instead of going to all the trouble of recruiting the new X-Men, why didn’t Professor X try and trick Magneto and his allies into swinging by Krakoa? It would have been a perfect prison for them and any other evil mutants who popped up later. And all at the small cost of the first team of X-Men (not to mention it would have spared the lives of that second team of X-Men Baldy recruited¬†who managed to only free Cyclops before getting themselves killed.)

And they say Professor X is smart. Pfft.

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